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Reporting & Results

We can report results seven days a week via our database, Digiflock.

Reports are sent by email, and results can also be accessed online through Digiflock.

If you’re a new client, please email us at yorklab@newbridgescentific.com or call us on 01347 820378 so that we can create a Digiflock account for you. 

If there are any irregularities with the samples (such as missing paperwork, an incorrect volume of water or leaking tubes), we will let you know as soon as the samples have been received so that new samples can be submitted.

Please note that for salmonella samples to be compliant with the National Control Programme, they need to arrive at our laboratories within four days of sampling. 


Urgent diagnostic reporting

We offer an urgent diagnostic reporting service for certain tests, where samples can be tested within 24 hours of receiving them. 

Please contact us in advance at yorklab@newbridgescientific.com or call us on 01347 820378 if you require this service, so that we are aware that your samples are arriving and can process them promptly.

There is a 50% added cost to this service compared to the standard testing.


Salmonella testing

For salmonella testing, you will get an email confirming that the samples have arrived at the laboratory as soon as we receive them.

If the samples are negative for Salmonella, results are sent out within three days of receiving the sample.

If the samples are suspected positive or positive for Salmonella, it can take up to five days to get the results.

These suspected samples are reported as soon as possible, and if they are positive for Salmonella group B or D, a veterinary surgeon will contact you to discuss your results, interim tests and the confirmation of the results.  

Our serology, PCR, parasitology, water and hygiene results are interpreted by veterinary surgeons at no extra cost.