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Hygiene Monitoring

Veterinary Practice Hygiene monitoring

We supply all the testing kits and sampling instructions for routine hygiene monitoring of veterinary practices. To achieve a veterinary hospital accreditation by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, you will need to demonstrate the effectiveness of your biosecurity protocols which include regular environmental swabbing of all the clinical areas following cleaning and disinfection. It is advisable for any veterinary practice to swab their surgical facilities to ensure that the cleaning and disinfection procedures are being effective. We can track results and focus on areas that need attention, ensuring that the theatres  and other critical areas within the practice remain clean.

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Abattoir and food processing plant hygiene monitoring 

Surface hygiene swabs and dipslides provide an effective method of assessing the cleanleness of the different areas following cleaning and disinfection. Dipslides can be used for flat surfaces, whereas swabs can be used not only in flat surfaces, but also in machinery and other plant equipment. We can supply summaries of hygiene laboratory results so that you can assess the products and methodologies used for cleaning and disinfection in your particular operation.

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