Routine testing for pigeons ensures you can pick up any hidden diseases before they cause major problems.

This helps the Poultry Health Services pigeon vet team to provide you with an accurate assessment of your pigeons’ health, appropriate advice and the medications you need, when they are required. 

Testing is recommended before breeding, racing and moulting, when the birds are most likely to struggle to combat disease and will require intervention. 

Our testing panels help to provide a selection of the most commonly required tests at a reduced cost, making it ideal for regular routine testing.

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Testing will only begin after your payment has been taken. 

Parasitology & Microscopy

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  • Worm Egg and coccidia oocyst count (Faeces)
  • Trichomonas (Canker) (Crop swab/Faeces)
  • Bacteriology (Crop swab/Faeces)